Embedded Rust Showcase

Awesome embedded projects by the Rust community!


by TeXitoi

A hand wired ortholinear mechanical keyboard with a firmware in Rust. The case uses a parametric design allowing to create a grid keyboard of any size. The firmware allows you to customize each key as you wish: A layer change, a key combo or a regular key.


by theJPster

A simple 1980's home computer style application for the Tiva-C Launchpad


by Aleh Zasypkin

An experimental, accessible (no GUI) and fully open source (both in code and hardware) time tracker device. The board exposes pads for I²C and SPI interfaces, acts as an USB HID device when connected to USB port and hence can be used as a playground for any custom firmware.

Rusty clock

by TeXitoi

An alarm clock in pure bare metal embedded rust (no OS). It features pressure, temperature, humidity, monophonic alarm on a e-paper display. The 5 programmable alarms can ring one time (and never repeat) or every week day that you want (for example only Monday and Thursday).

e-Paper Conference Badge

by Wesley Moore

A tri-color e-Paper display on a battery powered Raspberry Pi Zero W controlled by a Rust program using the embedded-hal ecosystem on Linux. The badge serves content over HTTP and allows people to increment a hello counter on the display.